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NEW VIDEO RELEASE - A Detailed Tour of Dunham Bush’s Multizone VRF Systems

Tony Mormino and Justin Hogan explore Dunham Bush's Heat Recovery Unit
Tony Mormino and Justin Hogan explore Dunham Bush's Heat Recovery Unit

Join us for an in-depth exploration of the latest HVAC innovations from Dunham Bush, USA. This video guides us through a state-of-the-art Homestead, Florida facility, showcasing a unique Packaged Multi-Zone DX Heat Recovery VRF system. This system, a sophisticated blend of standard air handler features with custom modifications, promises exceptional efficiency and adaptability to meet specific customer needs.

Dunham Bush VRF Multi-Zone DX Heat Recovery Unit
Dunham Bush VRF Multi-Zone DX Heat Recovery Unit

The video starts with a look at the factory's customized products, highlighting a unique air handling unit platform, which incorporates aluminum framing and galvanized powder coat painted panels. Key modifications include various base rail options, focusing on retrofit applications suitable for rooftop installations. The unit's design facilitates an easy transition from chilled water multi-zone to DX systems while retaining the original multizone layout, crucial for minimizing structural changes.

We also get insights from engineers and representatives at Dunham Bush, discussing the integration of VRF technology with independent zone control capabilities, making it a cutting-edge solution for educational facilities and other large buildings. The system supports simultaneous heating and cooling in different zones, utilizing heat recovery for enhanced efficiency.

Dunham Bush VRF Multi-Zone DX Heat Recovery Unit

The tour continues with a walkthrough of the manufacturing process, detailing the assembly of these complex units, from the initial air handler modifications to the final steps of adding VRF components and conducting factory tests. The video provides a rare glimpse into the technical intricacies of creating such advanced systems, including discussing the challenges of meeting stringent hurricane codes and ensuring product longevity and performance.

Towards the end, the video shifts focus to other products by Dunham Bush, including traditional air handlers and self-contained units, illustrating the versatility and broad application range of their HVAC systems. Each segment emphasizes the company's commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Perfect for HVAC professionals, engineering students, and technology enthusiasts, this video not only highlights the technical prowess of Dunham Bush but also their role in pushing the boundaries of HVAC technology to new heights.

Watch the full video on our YouTube Channel - HVAC TV: Exploring Dunham Bush's Advanced HVAC Technology: Multizone VRF Systems Tour.

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