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We created a YouTube channel for just you! HVAC mechanical engineers face quite a challenge today. Systems must be designed with high reliability, small footprints, low power consumption, low acoustics and vibration, efficient heat transfer, and high filtration – and do all this within the end users’ budget. Whether you’re a mechanical engineer, mechanical contractor, or building owner, you’ll learn about how to meet those challenges from our HVAC application and design videos.

In this LIVE PDH-qualified event, I was joined by Tony Furst with Armstrong Fluid Technologies. If you are looking for masterclass on pump and system curves then this video is for you. 

Some Of Our Greatest Hits!

In this video, we discuss the difference between a Copeland Digital Scroll Compressor and a Danfoss Variable Speed Compressor. These two HVAC modulating scroll compressor technologies accomplish similar results but are constructed differently.

In this broadcast, we show the difference between Relative Humidity and Dew Point using graphical examples and psychrometrics.

In this video, we share three common mistakes regarding equipment sizing and grow room HVAC equipment selection: missing the required dehumidification load, not understanding the room sensible heat ratio, and selecting off-the-shelf air conditioning equipment vs. commercial grow room air conditions, aka grow room dehumidifiers.

In this webinar, we discuss Basic Psychrometrics 101.

We look at properties of air, building the psychrometric chart, psychrometric processes, and finish with examples of determining air properties.

In this Psychrometrics Part 2 presentation, we discuss air mixing, sensible heat ratio (SHR), calculating air quantity, determining tons, and full load vs. part load.

Watch our shows!

Our Latest LIVE Event!

In this LIVE one-hour PDH event, Insight Partners is joined by leading cooling tower expert Mark Pfeifer with Marley, SPX Cooling Technologies.

The learning objectives of the presentation are as follows: Help you choose the right cooling tower for your customer’s needs. Avoid common mistakes in the cooling tower design procedure.

Introduction and Overview, 3 min. 

Part 1 - Grow Room HVAC Basics

What Is A Grow Facility, 3 min. 

Part 2 - Grow Room HVAC Basics

HVAC Terminology For Grow Rooms, 1 min. 

Part 4 - Grow Room HVAC Basics

HVAC Loads & Space SHR, 7 min. 

Part 5 - Grow Room HVAC Basics

Three Common Grow HVAC Systems, 13 min. 

Part 6 - Grow Room HVAC Basics

Calculating HVAC Loads In Grow Rooms, 8 min. 

Part 7 - Grow Room HVAC Basics

The Importance of VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit), 2 min. 

Part 8 - Grow Room HVAC Basics

Airflow Is Key, 4 min. 

Part 9 - Grow Room HVAC Basics

HVAC Controls For Grow Rooms, 4 min. 

Part 10 - Grow Room HVAC Basics

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What Does A Cannabis Plant Need, 2 min. 

Part 3 - Grow Room HVAC Basics

In this LIVE PDH-qualified event, we were joined by Mark W. Fly, PE with AAON, Inc. We discussed different fan types and their characteristics, fan curves and fan laws, how to use and apply them, fan stall and unstable regions of operation, and how to select the best fan for the flow, static, and acoustical performance desired.

In this LIVE one-hour PDH event, Insight Partners CEO Mark Murray and Tony Mormino were joined by three special guests from Nortek Air Solutions, the world's most extensive custom air handling unit manufacturer and creator of the popular Fanwall Technology. This back-and-forth, interview-style presentation uncovered five common myths associated with fan arrays.

In this LIVE PDH-qualified event, I was joined by custom air handling unit expert Mark Brady with Nortek Air Solutions. In this presentation, Mark shares the best techniques for controlling fan arrays. We discuss the optimal number of VFDs, types of controls, and motor overload protection. 

In this LIVE event, I was joined by HVAC water filtration expert David Romeo with Miller-Leaman. We discuss RO Filtration, Thompson Strainers, Turbo disc, and sand filters. David shares the pros and cons of each technology and how it can be applied to your HVAC application. 

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