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Exploring Innovation: Insight Partners' Tour at Nortek's Quebec Facilities

Eric Norris, Xavier Parrish, Shawn Raymond, Melissa Gannon, Larry McWilliams
(Pictured left to right) - Eric Norris, Xavier Parrish, Shawn Raymond, Melissa Gannon, Larry McWilliams

Exciting Recap from Insight Partners’ Recent Nortek Facility Tours!


The Insight Partners team had the fantastic opportunity to join forces with MSS Solutions for an insightful tour of Nortek's state-of-the-art facilities in Quebec. We were delighted to be accompanied by esteemed attendees, including Wade Stout, Director of Pre-Construction; Xavier Parrish, Engineering Manager; Larry McWilliams, Regional Business Director; Melissa Gannon, our Branch Manager; Shawn Raymond, Nortek Regional Sales Manager; and Eric Norris, Nortek National Sales Manager - DX.

Our journey began on Thursday at the Venmar facility in St. Leonard d’Aston, QC, where we explored the construction of Custom DX equipment. The lineup included the EnergyPack, integrating energy recovery into Custom DX, the Ultraline and V-Cube series, and the V-Cube Slim, designed for easy replacements through a 36” door. Each unit demonstrated advanced features such as ITF construction with superior insulation, thermal break construction, customizable design, and rigorous testing capabilities, ensuring top performance.


Ventrol - 130K CFM Aluminum AHU with Vestibule
Ventrol - 130K CFM Aluminum AHU with Vestibule

The following day, we visited the Ventrol facility in Montreal, QC, where our focus shifted to Custom AHU equipment. The facility impressed us with its robust construction options, fully welded floors with washdown drains, and dual airstream units showcasing their versatility and readiness for stringent testing up to 12” SP.

Ventrol - Dual airstream with shared vestibule
Ventrol - Dual airstream with shared vestibule

Our visits to both Venmar and Ventrol facilities highlighted Nortek's dedication to engineering excellence and innovation in HVAC technology. These tours deepened our understanding and reinforced our commitment to providing top-tier solutions alongside our partners at MSS Solutions. We are excited about the future possibilities this partnership will bring and look forward to continued success in our collaborations.

Are you eager to Discover More About Nortek's Innovations?

Our recent tours showcased just a glimpse of Nortek's cutting-edge HVAC technologies. For a deeper look at how these innovations can transform your projects, visit Discover more about our collaboration with Nortek and how we're driving advancements in HVAC systems together.

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