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Leading the Way: Reliable Controls' Commitment to Sustainability and Innovation

In a recent collaboration between Reliable Controls and Insight Partners, representatives from both entities gathered to discuss the latest developments in products and services. Led by Gary Bauer, Reliable Controls Eastern Regional Manager, the discussion centered around Reliable Controls' steadfast commitment to sustainability and innovation, showcasing their dedication to delivering reliable solutions for customers while emphasizing environmentally conscious practices.

Sustainability at the Core

Gary Bauer underscored Reliable Controls' commitment to sustainability by highlighting key features of its products, including its long-lasting nature, 100% backward compatibility, and a generous five-year warranty. These attributes ensure product longevity and contribute to reducing environmental impact, aligning with the company's ethos of responsible business practices.

Cutting-Edge Solutions

The meeting showcased Reliable Controls' range of cutting-edge solutions, including network-level controllers like the Mach Pro series and innovative indoor air quality sensing solutions. Gary Bauer also illuminated the company's software offerings, such as RC Studio for programming needs and security measures like Bacnet SC certification, which ensures secure communication across systems.

Integration and Data Management

A key theme of the discussion was the importance of system integration and effective data management. Gary Bauer expanded on RC WebView for seamless system integration and emphasized the importance of data management tools like RC Archive. These tools enhance efficiency and empower customers with valuable insights for better decision-making.

Real-World Success Stories

Reliable Controls doesn't just talk the talk; they walk the walk. Real-world examples, including deployments at facilities like Ford Field in Detroit, demonstrate the tangible success of Reliable Controls' solutions. The team shared success stories, including the market penetration achieved by Pittsburgh Controls through persistent efforts.

Reliable Controls and Insight Partners
Reliable Controls and Insight Partners

Market Focus and Expansion Strategies

North America remains the primary focus for Reliable Controls' business endeavors. The team discussed the significance of staying ahead with the latest products and components to drive sales success. They also highlighted targeted expansion efforts in specific regions like Charlotte and Raleigh, underscoring the importance of regional growth opportunities.

Customer Engagement and Support

Customer engagement is paramount for Reliable Controls. The team emphasized the role of control consultants, offering dedicated time for detailed consultations and effective communication. Contact information was shared for ongoing support, reflecting Reliable Controls' commitment to assisting customers every step of the way.

Looking Ahead

As Reliable Controls continues to lead the way in sustainable and innovative solutions, the team expressed readiness to assist further and engage with customers to meet their evolving needs. Plans were discussed to create and distribute meeting content across platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn, further amplifying their reach and impact.


Reliable Controls' meeting underscored their unwavering commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Focusing on delivering reliable solutions and fostering meaningful relationships, the company is poised to lead the way in the ever-evolving world of building controls and automation.

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Watch the video below featuring Kirk Patton with Insight Partners and Gary Bauer to learn more about Reliable Controls.

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