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NEW PODCAST RELEASE - Why Metering Airflow Beats Measuring Airflow in Critical Spaces

Why Metering Airflow Beats Measuring Airflow in

Understanding the difference between metering and measuring airflow is crucial in environments where precision is paramount.


Traditional airflow measurement methods have many limitations and challenges, including sensor installation issues, response speed, stability, and maintenance concerns. These challenges can significantly impact the accuracy and reliability of airflow control in critical environments, leading to operational disruptions, energy inefficiency, and financial losses.


Our latest podcast episode explores the innovative approach of metering airflow adopted by Phoenix Controls. Unlike measuring, which directly quantifies air volume passing through a system, metering involves managing the airflow to achieve desired conditions based on calculated needs. This method offers improved control accuracy, addressing the limitations of traditional measurement techniques.


Key points covered in this insightful discussion include:


The Founder's Decision: Why Phoenix Controls chose to focus on metering airflow rather than measuring it, setting a new standard for HVAC control in critical environments.

Impact on Critical Spaces: The significance of airflow control accuracy in sensitive areas like hospitals and labs, where errors can have serious consequences.


Challenges of Airflow Measurement: An overview of the limitations faced by traditional measurement methods and the importance of innovative solutions.

Metering vs. Measuring Airflow: How metering provides a more accurate and reliable method for controlling airflow.

Consequences of Inaccuracy: The potential operational, financial, and energy efficiency impacts of inaccurate airflow measurement.

Factors Affecting Accuracy: Insights into the complexities that affect airflow control system accuracy over time.


Our deep dive into the world of HVAC controls reveals the crucial role of careful design and maintenance in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of critical environments. From laboratory settings to building pressurization and exhaust systems, every aspect of airflow control is examined to highlight the importance of innovative approaches like metering over traditional measurement methods.


Join us in this thought-provoking journey with Phoenix Controls as we uncover the secrets to improved accuracy and reliability in critical space management. Discover why, after almost four decades, metering airflow remains a superior choice for optimal HVAC control.



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